Conversation Partners Program Volunteer Agreement

The English Language Institute (ELI) offers a free Conversation Partners Program between ELI students and members of the MSU community that focuses on English conversation skills and cultural exchange. If you are interested in participating, please read the program requirements below. If you agree to the terms, complete this agreement and click the submit button below so we may contact you.

I understand and agree that I will:

  • attend a required orientation or meet individually with ELI staff to receive further information.
  • volunteer (no compensation, fees, or favors) my time and effort.
  • allow my contact information (only email address and phone number) to be given to my partner(s).
  • consistently meet with my partner(s) once a week for one hour throughout one semester at a time and location that we mutually agree upon.
  • return messages from my partner(s) in a timely manner, especially if it involves a change in a scheduled meeting time.
  • not help an ELI student with his or her homework or teach him or her English.
  • respect my partner(s) and his, her, or their culture. I will not force or coerce my partner(s) to go against his, her, or their will, values, ethics, morals, or discuss taboo topics if so stated by him, her, or them.
  • not engage in illegal activities with or for my partner(s).
  • not ask partners to help me with personal and/or professional duties/responsibilities/favors.
  • contact the ELI staff if I have any concerns about my partner(s) or if I need to discontinue the program for any reason.
  • Volunteer partners must not advise or counsel ELI students on personal or academic matters as there may be legal ramifications but rather refer them to the ELI staff.

Please fill out all of the following information:

ELI/MSU student use MSU email address.