General Information

Student Applications: All students will complete a standard online study abroad application created by OSA, which has required personal, health, and legal information for our office and for the university. Faculty directors will be given log-in credentials to the application software and will be required to log in to accept or reject applicants to their program. The software will allow faculty directors access to all of the application information about each applicant.

Student Payments: All students on faculty-led programs will be charged an international health insurance fee and an administrative fee from the Office of Study Abroad. These fees are separate from what Faculty Directors include in program costs.

Faculty Director Responsibilities

  1. Planning and implementing the program and associated course(s)

It is the responsibility of the faculty member to make all program arrangements. This includes all logistics such as booking hotels, buses, faculty airfare, student airfare (if included), facility rental, tours, excursions, guest speakers, etc. Note that study abroad/travel/tour companies can be used to make logistical arrangements for your program.

  1. Completing all University requirements regarding any purchase, lease, or service agreements

All written contracts and agreements, including those with study abroad/travel/tour companies, hotels, conference centers, bus companies, etc. must be signed by the Director of the Office of Procurement and Contracts. More information can be found at: If you are unsure if this requirement pertains to your program, please contact the Office of Procurement and Contracts.

  1. Recruiting students

OSA will produce standard promotional content for all programs, hold two Study Abroad Fairs, conduct bi-weekly interest sessions, speak to classes upon request, and conduct individual advising sessions. In addition to OSA’s efforts, active faculty involvement is the most effective method of student recruitment (i.e. speaking to classes, emailing groups of students, holding interest sessions).

  1. Accepting student applications through the OSA online application system

Faculty directors must review their applications online and accept each student into the program.

  1. Assisting with monitoring the completion of all students’ application requirements

OSA does not give students permission to register for their course(s) until all application requirements have been completed. We request the help of faculty directors in encouraging students to complete their application in a timely fashion.

  1. Communicating frequently with OSA and prospective students

    Communication throughout the planning, recruitment, pre-departure, and abroad stages are important for a successful program.