Process and Timeline

1. Getting Started

Summer Prior to Program

2. Proposal is Approved


  • Begin recruiting students to participate in your program through directed emails, interest meetings, class visits, social media, and tabling.
  • Submit all contracts to the Office of Procurement and Contracts.
  • Begin UCCC approval process for courses not listed in the course catalog.
  • Participate in OSA’s Fall Study Abroad Fair in the Union.
  • Keep in contact with OSA to be sure we have all the necessary information.

3.Application is Live


  • Continue recruitment efforts.
  • Participate in OSA’s Spring Study Abroad Fair.
  • Begin reviewing student applications.
  • Review International Travel Procedures and complete your A-04 International Travel Form.

4. Application Deadline Hits


  • Accept student to your program.
  • OSA will transfer student program fees to your department. Once you receive the funds, begin to make payments for your program.
  • Encourage students to complete their applications, so OSA can give them permission to register in your course.
  • Hold a Pre-Departure Meeting for your students before they go home for the summer.
  • Remind students to attend one of the mandatory in-person Outbound Orientation sessions.

5. Pre-Departure


  • Touch base with OSA to confirm that we have all the necessary information regarding your program.
  • Complete the STEP Information Request Form and International Insurance Information Request Form.

6. Depart!