Visiting Scholars

The International Institute is happy to help with the process of initiating international research and visitors on our campus. International Scholars will need a J-1 visa to enter and stay in the United States for the duration of their program at MSU. The J-1 Exchange Visitor, according to the Department of State, “promotes mutual understanding between the people of the United States and the people of other countries by educational and cultural exchanges.” The International Services Office (ISO) will issue the required immigration paperwork (DS-2019) for the international visitor to request a J-1 visa at his/ her U.S. Consulate. The Office of Research Compliance and Security (ORC&S) will also work with the department to approve the scholar’s program and access to campus. The Office of Research Compliance and Security assures university compliance with all U.S. Government export control laws and regulations. The prospective scholar’s home institution/employer will also need to sign the Official Visitor Agreement.

Upon arrival, the visiting scholar is required to report to the International Services Office to comply with the orientation and insurance mandates. Throughout the J-1 research program, ISO is available to discuss visa issues and offers various workshops and services geared to research scholars. ISO always offers cultural activities during the year for J-1 Research Scholars, and we encourage all participants to take advantage of these opportunities.