Global Engagement Funding

As part of the International Institute's mission to grow the knowledge and exposure of global events, opportunities, cultures, and challenges, funding is made available to faculty, staff, and departments to host visiting scholars. The goal of this funding is to inspire our students to engage at a global level and allow our Faculty and Staff to facilitate global relationships. Each year the topic will change with current events and as opportunities arise.

2019-2020 Global Engagement Lecture Series
The Theme: Displaced Persons

The International Institute seeks to expand student awareness and understanding of the important issues facing societies around the world. To promote this goal, the Institute is seeking to fund a lecture series around the theme of Displaced Persons by offering funding to departments wishing to bring to campus outstanding scholars, practicitioners, or policy makers who can offer thoughtful and timely lectures around this topic. Understanding the causes and consequences of displacement is multifaceted and varied, it engages multiple fields of study, and requires a wholistic approach to undersanding. The International Institute wishes to take advantage of the diversity of our faculty to provide wide ranging illustration of this issue to our students and community.

Due Dates:
Phase I due July 15, 2019
Phase II due December 1, 2019 (NOW OPEN)

For more information contact Shane Warren:
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Phone - 662.325.5001

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Name Date Lecture/Exhibit
Dr. Elizabeth Wirtz
Purdue University

October 25th
12-1 PM
Old Main 3320

Banning Traditional Birth Attendants: Obstetric Violence and Maternal Health in Kakuma Refugee Camp
Information found HERE
Mohamad Hafez
Syrian born Artist and Architect
Collection is available to view between Sept. 30 & Oct. 31
Cullis Wade Depot Art Gallery
Art Exhibit and Inclusive Conversations on Immigrants and Refugees and Outside of the Middle East
Information found HERE
Daniel Gustafson
Deputy Director General for the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization
Oct. 7
2:00 PM
Fowlkes Auditorium
International Community Response for Crisis Response and Resilience focusing on 3 themes: The first theme is sustaining the livelihoods of rural families in crisis situations to mitigate the necessity to migrate and stabilize domestic production. The second theme is the incorporation of large-scale refugees into recipient societies. The third theme is the work FAO and others are doing in refugee camps to provide jobs, necessary resources, and increase security.
John Halaka
visiting artist talk

Fowlkes Auditorium

"As an artist of Palestinian descent I investigate through my drawings, photographs, films and paitings, cycles of repression and displacement, as well as the personal and political relationships between desire, denial and instability. One of the objectives of my creative practice, is to firmly place the experiences of Palestinian displacement in the international discourse on human rights, forced migration and the right of return of indigenous refugees." - John Halaka