International Research Funding Opportunities

The International Institute’s office of International Research Development, acting as Mississippi State’s lead office for global outreach, works to identify pertinent international research funding opportunities.  We recognize that many of the challenges Mississippi State University is working to overcome are global challenges and the opportunity to overcome those challenges will require thinking and acting globally.  The office leverages the skill, knowledge, and experience of Mississippi State University’s employees and partners to overcome these obstacles.  Through identification of Mississippi State’s physical and human capital assets, the International Institute has the capacity to grow MSU’s footprint and continue its legacy of being a leader in research and outreach for the betterment of Mississippi and our partner institutions and nations.  The International Research Development team provides international funding identification, proposal and partnership development, and project management.  Some targeted funding opportunities are included on the menu to the right and more will be added as they are discovered. Please contact the office if you have any questions.  We look forward to discussing your research and facilitating your international proposal submissions.