Campus Life

Safety of Our Family

  •  Bully Patrol nighttime shuttle service provides escort to cars and buildings
  •  Campus Police station with officers on duty 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week
  • “Blue Light” emergency telephones located throughout campus and directly connect to Campus Police
  •  Maroon Alert emergency system notifies students via the web, text messaging and social media in emergency situation

Geographical Location and Climate of MSU

  • Located in Starkville, Mississippi
  • The state of Mississippi is located in the humid, subtropical climate region, characterized by temperate winters and long, hot summers; extended case of snow and ice is a rare occurrence
  • One of the largest campuses in the United States (4,200 acres)
  • The town of Starkville has a wide variety of dining spots, shopping facilities, outdoor activity locations

Student Support and Recreation

  • MSU Pathfinders student success program – contacts freshmen (first-year students) if they miss more than three classes
  • MSU Learning Center – helps students improve academic performance and enhance lifelong learning skills
  • MSU Student Health Center – conveniently located on campus and offers general medical services
  • MSU Student Counseling Services – counseling professionals help students with culture shock, emotional and psychological problems, academic concerns, and family issues
  • MSU Department of Recreational Sports - provides a wide variety of athletic and fitness programs and activities

MSU Career Center

  • Helps more than 90% of MSU students become employed or admitted to graduate school after graduation
  • Organizes Career Fairs featuring at least 175 employers each semester
  • Offers a wide variety of resume writing workshops and resume revision sessions
  • Provides a career prep series which provides training and tips for students on how to impress potential employers during interviews
  • Offers an online job-search website with numerous job listing


  • Free SMART shuttle system with routes all over the campus and Starkville
  • Free rental of bicycles on campus
  • Airport pick up from the Starkville Airport (GTR)


  • 17 residence halls on the campus
  • Freshmen (first-year students) are required to live on the MSU campus, and all efforts are made to pair them with an American roommate or a roommate from a different culture to provide a smooth transition to college life and help with practicing English

Dining Facilities and Meal Plans

  • Three large, full-service cafeterias and two smaller ones, a food court, and mini markets (mini stores)
  • Seven different meal plans that fit the needs of each student

Student Activities

  • Athletic Events – men’s and women’s basketball, tennis, golf, cross country, and track and field; men’s football and baseball; women’s softball, soccer and volleyball
  • Large concerts organized by the university include Bulldog Bash and Old Main Music Festival
  • Wide variety of guest lectures, seminars and workshops that include internationally recognized speakers